Shine them boots and grab a gun
We’re gonna go out and have some fun
We’re gonna pile up in the pick-up truck tonight
Knives and guns and shotguns shells
Going to the part of town that smells
Bring a rope cuz’ we’re gonna do it right, all right!
Going north of the railroad tracks
Gonna get drunk and thump some blacks
Cuz’ that’s the type of thing we like to do
So if you hear us scream and cuss
You’d best get the hell away from us
Cuz’ if you don’t, we might just thump on you… ya hear?

Call us racists, call us Nazi’s, Call us what you want to
That won’t change a god damn thing
We’re still the Tulsa Skins (x2)

A gang of niggers out to rob
One chewed up by a pitbull dog
The others whomped with black jacks, chains and bats
They rape our women and rob our homes
We want our kinfolk left alone
Let’s put ‘em on a boat and send ‘em back
Let’s drag their bodies through the mud
Let’s paint the walls with nigger blood
I reckon even nigger blood is red
Burn the Northside to the ground
Let’s run them negroes outta town
And fill them savage monkey boys with lead