This world that I live in is empty and cold
This loneliness cuts me and tears at my soul
I’m no child of destiny, no fortune’s son
I’ve chased you so long now, I’m too weak to run

And here I return to a backstreet of thrills
Back to any warm shoulder ’til she’s got her fill
And then I treat shame like some old friend from home
That I can lean on ’til the misery is gone

A new day is here, but nothing is new
And you’re still gone, still I tremble for you

I cry out at bedtime, "oh please, not tonight"
When I hear your footsteps and I turn on the light
Of course you’re never there, no you never are
And I try to forget that there’s always a bar

Though I win that battle—and sometimes I do—
Still sleep doesn’t come, and I tremble for you