So Good

It will be better in the morning
They said the sun might shine
I’ll have you close, you’ll have the deeps of mine
It will be better, much better

Suppose it would rain
How I would smile
It would be pretty easy, keep you lying for a while
It will be better, much better

It’ll […]

Sing And Dance

It’s hard to know this secret
It chocked the hell out of me
I hope I’m net looking jealous
of your way of staying free
But how, and why,
what was it you were telling me
You’re washing up your scruples
then you’re hanging them to fry
I can see your good intentions
even if you lie
You fingerprints’re all over
but no one knows […]


What was that
Did you wanna steel a kiss
Where were you
When you brought me in to this

In a shade
There’s a loss of light
But that’s what we got
And I know it can hurt
To do things right


You got
You got me so frail
And frail I’ll leave

Our face
To a stronger day
My recall
To many things
It will always hurt
But that’s a […]

September Tears

There ain’t so many people
That really could make you cry
And there ain’t too many things
That really reach you inside

When it happens it feels like
We all wanna die
And the best time for answers might be
When we cry

Aren’t we really, really living
When we cry
Aren’t we really, really feeling
When we cry

People might say that they don’t pray
But […]

Precious Burden

The life we shared together
Is no life anymore
It’s time to praise the memories
And put them wherever they can grow

So you live in the stars now
You live in the meads
I’ll spread you with my heart
Over the fertile fields

The love we gave each other
Was the love that we would make
Those years became our lifetime
A lifetime faith […]


I can wake up to a bad day
I know how to go from there
But you, I can’t handle

It’s not that you’re not welcome
You’re amazing in my eyes
It’s me who’d change too much around you
You are one of those people

I can think of a million reasons
And times when I should shut my mouth
But I feel […]

Our Love

To leave somebody like you made me crazy
Sometimes you don’t wanna know what hearts can do
To leave you was the way to get happy
To leave your love was what I had to do

I know that some places some moments will throw a light upon our faces
And there will be no times I wish I […]


Hey you
can I breathe
if my chest is covered

Hey you
is my face making sense
Eyes can’t be still
in a moment so tense

Here babe
are the notes you must play
This babe, is the procedure

Here babe
not in another way
I can assure you
that you will be okey

Once would do
once could change everything
Once could tell
and help me to clear out
some things

Once […]

On Your Way

You never ask things you wonder
You just wait until you wonder no more
You’re giving up so gently to get what your dreams are keeping you awake for
Who hears your heart talking only ears that can do you no harm
You only hear it if they listen
You’ve changed your love you’ve changed your life you’ve changed […]

Oh Dear

Don’t you ever go out
When was the last time you were out?
Have you ever been out, oh dear?

Is something wrong with the air
Since you can’t breathe in here?
How long have you held your breath, oh dear?

What is closing you in
Must be a giant dream
It’s not your life we have seen, oh dear

Don’t let your […]