If You Like Me Check Yes, If You Don’t I’ll Die

The love letters that lead to bliss , embracing, youthful, love’s first kiss
Stops after school, the parents fooled, thinking they’ll be home so soon
Waits for him in parking lots and hallways everyday
He smiles anticipating, thinking of the words to say

Then it begins this absurd parade
Such an unproductive way to behave
The accusations are unending
Tiring, no […]

I Want To Get Married

When you close your eyes even your eyelids are beautiful
for so long there have been traces of you in blood vessels inside my skull
that coarse you eagerly through me into my hands that reach for you
I love you and I always will
it’s all so sweetly beautifully true
and time just makes you so much more […]

I Had Music In My Heart, But Now My Heart Is Broken

Well it’s way too late, baby
the talons of cynicism are already buried in my brain
when "do as I say, not as I do" is the broken glass that I drag my naked body across
I’m thinking of you,
and I don’t want to give up but I’m a quitter thanks to you,
do you think it’s fair?

Love […]

I Am A Machine Gun

It turns my stomach every night
like scattering bats in disrupted flight
the idea of ideas and tired points to pierce the skin
little children lining up and losing all of their time

Losing all their time

I don’t have the time for my own lifetime
when you blink my stay here is over
batting those long eyelashes, baby save yourself […]

George Romero Will Be At Our Wedding

I was looking for you when I first heard the sirens
The ambulances filled the streets
The masses screamed and called for help
You were no where next to me

Soldiers came to round up the living
And take them away to somewhere that’s safe
But if I can’t find you, there’s no place to save me
If you are gone […]

Everything Is Meaningless

what does a man gain for his labor under the sun?
generations come and generations go…
all streams flow to the sea, yet the sea is never full,
all things are wearisome, more so than one can say,
what has been done will be done again and again,
i saw the tears of the oppressed,
power was on the side […]

Drug Song

welcome to mediocrity,
where america’s youth are ignorant lemmings,
i have no sense of self or individuality,
i am what they want me to be, i am ordinary,
never your own, slaves to an image,
independence can’t exist in a cliche,
and that is what you are,
stupidity and weakness,
congratulations, you are a self destructive human waste,
congratulations, welcome to mediocrity,
proud to […]

Dinosaur Bones

My bones don’t click in place
When I sit on the machine
Not as of late do I integrate
Scarcely say what I mean

This thing was built with one of my ribs
I was there when it was given a name
But I’ve been overpowered by those who took it away
It doesn’t even look the same

Those hired in to […]

Diary Of A Failure

welcome to a dead end,
a wall stronger than you could ever imagine,
a breeze of things remembered only cuts like the desperation,
that gasps and gives up,
there is nowhere left to go,
and nothing left to lose,
we let ourselves inside become one disgusting skin,
closer than ever before,
held tighter when i release,
i taste the saline, and you cut […]

Despair Has A Name

baby you know there’s few things that can make me care,
i’m already dead, i’m wasting away,
i’m in love with my despair,
so tonight, lady hold on tight,
before i drown in an ocean of starlight,
i hope it’s easy for you to see, i’m in love with you,
but sadness is in love with me,
isn’t it romantic and […]