Time Flies

Ain’t much time left in my life
I’m all stressed out time to fly
I’m on my way, I’m on my way
I can’t let go, I can’t wake up
Time flies, flies

One more step and I’m falling off the mountain
One more pill, who cares, nobody’s counting
They told me to sing it to the birds
Sing it to the […]


Can I see your world
through your locket
counting the thoughts of forgotten
drifting alone then the sorrow
passing the time or is it borrowed

can I see your world
can I see your world
can I see your world
through your locket
painting her mind
makes her forget
places they’ve gone to
but paths not traveled yet
looking to the day
when the heavens take her away

will […]

Thinking About You

You’re million miles away but I can still see your face
I can still taste your lips from the kiss yesterday
I heard you left the other day, took another trip to outer space
I will chase you around the world

I can still heal you, I can still feel you
I can still hear you calling my name

I’ve […]


Wait, wait, wait
You never wanna wait, wait, wait
Slow down stop and think, think, think
You never wanna think, think, think

‘Cause everything
Could it be a dream, dream another bad dream
So I drink, drink, drink, drink, drink
I’m putting down the drink, drink, ’cause I can’t feel a thing

‘Cause every time you say goodbye
I’ve seen that look a […]


Sydney, why’d you have to go
And leave everybody behind
Help me, ’cause I think of takin’ these emotions
These emotions way to far

Baby, I know that and I’m sorry
For everything I’ve ever done
Gonna set you free
Gonna set you free, free

Save me from slippin’ down
My knees are bleedin’, I’m back on the ground
No one will ever know […]


Tame hearts collide
From deep inside
The rays of light
Move through the night

With face to face
To make the grey
Why would you lie
It’s all suicide

Changes in life
Nothing stays the same
But your life is quicker than the blink of an eye
The story of love is
Hello and goodbye until we meet again

Do you want to fly
And touch the […]

Stressed Out

Your hair looks like
it’s falling out
left in the comb
it won’t come off
your head hangs low
your legs get weak
leftovers on the tabletop

and I’m so stressed out yeah

you lift your arms
over your head
and run your fingers
through what’s left
you eye’s tear up
your stomach burns
your upside down
start to invert

and I’m so stressed out yeah

so yo keep on living
but […]

Spin You Around

Come on over the mountain
And I’ll meet you at the other side
Come on over the mountain
And I’ll meet you at the other side, yeah

And if I saw you dancing
I would spin you around, spin you around
If I saw you dancing
I would spin you around, spin you around
Turn your world upside down

I’ll spin you around, […]

She Hates Me

Met a girl, thought she was grand
Fell in love found out first hand
Went well for a week or two
Then it all came unglued

In a trap, trip I can’t grip
Never thought I’d be the one who’d slip
Then I started to realize
I was livin’ one big lie

She fuckin’ hates me
Trust, she fuckin’ hates me
La la la […]


Emotionless I slip in to the black
And there’s no turning back now
Everyone around me smoking crack
This tunnel is blinding
Hallucinating I’m debating life
But it’s still moving forward
If I could just change the hands of time

Well I’d do it better
Just walk away
Just walk away
Just walk away

Fearless, I have fell in to a trap
And there’s no way […]