Mangle yourself and each other
Lens at the ready and ink on the page
We can remove and we can take away
But keep it together for 1993
Posture proud, we want 1993
Take a time, back to 1993
Dress your rehearsal room scars
Suture your studio incision
We’ll turn your hissy fits into sissy hits
Remember the good times in 1993


So the sun blinds me with snow
And I step on the death-trap ice
Navigate the crossroads
Try not to die

And a source said
I’m happy but be careful
And a source said
You never let go
And a source said
Who cares just run it

Suits and boots snap up
Pull my trusted seed
I just made it up
These fools will eat it up

Wifi […]

Some Dresses

Yeah! Can you smell it in the air?
There is something brilliant approaching, onto our patch encroaching
We’ll hand it over, with a YEAH!
We’ll watch the fabric fold, while our beauty you behoooooooooooooooold!

Yeah! Can you smell it in the air?
In three minutes it will billow about me
Cut around to fit so neatly
Watch how to succeed with […]

Song One Puzzle

There once was a song which acknowledged itself in the words
It was like when your parents heard The Beatles
Ripped the wind from our lungs and left us defeated
It made me and Duncan embrace when the awesome guitars swell
And the bass cuts out so it’s just the voice and the riff

There once was a song […]

Time Capsule

Time capsule
Time capsule
Time capsule that we share

Your mummy dressed up to take the food for

That microwave, she couldn’t boil an egg
That microwave, the smoke alarm was going off like
That microwave, she couldn’t boil an egg
That microwave, smoke alarm was going off like

[?] yeah I kinda have to
Murray’s mummy’s on the [?] and Gigi’s getting […]

E Numbers

Another stain, wipes, over the face
Of an entire, clutch, of reasonable guys
I flip a coin, seems, the luck has run out
It’s 2:40 and the clocks are wrong

Another stain, matched, by the reward
Another work, made, to show off the pose
Another way, stop, and show some respect
For those trying and abandoning

I want something that, something that […]

Watch This!

Oh, hiya
Watch this! Watch this!
We’ll suck you in
Past its burgundy death grin
Crushing boat (rot) cross your face
Pulling your brains out of your skin
Watch this! watch this!
Lets have a wander,
To poke the matted brick face.
I’ll show what to think of,
Stand behind you, stand behind you just incase!
Watch this! watch this!
And you can’t stop the grins,
Dripping […]

Hey James

There’s silence at the cathode club as it dissolves to smoke
Black eyes watch our attempts to puncture the spectre
Clouds gather, a filthy scene
What is a man without ego?
He is an image of an empty husk
You’re in, you’re here
Come join the troops

These are the trenches we built ourselves
These are the soldiers you’ll sacrifice
These are the […]

Think And Feel

All of this work is making me hungry
I thirst for a sit down, sit down and a think
When I’m not popped, like I need a drink
Well pass me a glass honey, sneak a few words with a clink

I get bored so I go outside
For beer, for a beer
Experience gets us what we need
Like fear, […]

Pink Sabbath

Yeah! Great skies of green
Yeah! Great fields of blue
Yeah! Vast swathes of pink

Who put the fork in your tongue?
Who broke the belt with a bang?

Try to remember: ‘Old dog, new tricks’
Say it: "It’s alright"
It’s not your name they’re dragging through the mud, it’s mine

Who put the fork in your tongue?
Who broke the belt with […]