”I wanted to write a song about the three loves of my life that have, you know, slipped away somehow. But I could only come up with two.”

I was in love with an albino,
Her lack of pigment seemed like fun.
Her skin, the whitest alabaster,
Her eyes as pink as pinkest bubble gum.

Then one day, it […]

A Month Dead

I lie next to her in the bed
She’s the kind of girl I’d like to wed
Nevermind the fact that she’s dead
It turns me on
It turns me on

Sure, she’s a little cold to the touch
But that doesn’t bother me much
Because the embalmer did such
A lovely job
A lovely job

She’s a month dead and she’s starting […]

A History Lesson

after talking in the beginning) (This is singing only)

Ben Franklin went out one night, tied a key to the end of a kite, electricity struck so bright, write it down mother fuckas.

isaac newton sat under a tree, an apple hit him in the head so said so holy shit thats gravity, write […]

3 Balloons

Call from my car to say I’ll be there in awhile
Short plane ride and I will get to see your pretty smile
Nothing on the radio I fiddle with the dial
Then I see a sign the airport’s just another mile
I check my bags and think about how much I hate to fly
And as I near […]

Who Am I

I can’t write, only play.
I can’t think, only sing.
There’ll be no shutting these voices out.
The whisper builds to a deafening shout.

The lonely
The spirit questions them as they roll
They say,
Who am I
Who am I

Am I a good man, Can I be trusted?
Or will your faith in my be exhausted
Is there peace in the life […]


�How old are you?� she called to us
Fresh off the bus to Washington DC
Blonde hair and her friend�s was black
With a blue backpack and a plaid skirt to her knees

She seemed so confident back then
French kissing boys into men
Vacation came to an end
Hey now Holly where you been?

�You know we come here […]

The America Song

Well I live in America
And here is how it lies
Underneath my pillow
Are plans that God passed by
She said it’d be all right
If I had to walk away
The greatest view is from the edge
It’s always been that way

And I’m becoming, beautiful
So much harder than I thought
It only feels like losing now
I guess I’ll understand someday.

She […]

Southern State Of Mind

Dead Dogs on the highway all the way to New Orleans,
Everything looks different now and nothings as it seems
And the thought occurs to me, as mad hatter takes the wheel
That for all the words that we exchanged we still don’t know how to feel

Til I cross montgomery and I lose my sense of time
Just […]

See You Later, See You Soon

Shot through with adrenaline to fire up my excited
Help me believe in myself, get the starter to start
Fifteen burning balls of fire, ten days since we left
No one understands me like the whiskey on my breath
Ten minutes to showtime, Baby stop your crying
Everybody knows why, There’s just no time
See you later, See you […]


Like a hungry cat that hadn’t eaten in a week or more
You attacked my and asked me if I’d ever loved before
You called me selfish man and said I ruined our relationship
But I don’t understand how working hard is being selfish
You’re the tragedy
You’ll never sting me again
Like an angry wind, you weren’t happy till […]