Big Ted

Big Ted’s dead , he was a great old pig
He’d eat most anything, never wore a wig
Now he’s gone like snow on the water , good bye

He was getting old so the farmer said
"Sold him to the butcher just to make a little bread"
Now he’s gone like snow on the water, don’t cry

Ted may […]

Banks Of Sweet Italy

and must you go my flower my gem
my laughter and my hope of joy
to follow fortune through all the world
make luck pursue you my darling boy

the sun shines bright in France
yellow it shines on high barbaree
o be my light of day
tarry not long on the banks of sweet Italy

a golden ring is a precious […]

Bad Sadie Lee

I was born in Wild Wyoming
I always fancied roaming
Til I rode into Old Dodge City
Now I’ll stay there til I die
I’m wanted in Texas and Tennessee
Dead or alive Bad Sadie Lee
I take just what I want as I pass by

I can draw faster than a man can see
I can shoot better than Annie Oakley

Ain’t […]

At The Lighthouse Dance

Waiting for the queen to come
Waiting for her to show up
While out on the rocks all the ships
Were sinking we laughed as the dance began
Oh how we danced
At the lighthouse dance

Stepped outside took a look
Shook the sweat felt madly sad
I was dreaming of angels
I saw the ships sinking
But one pulled in […]


So still the green and golden plain in icy spring
They young French convent girls in white singing
He took the sacrament young Antoine not without a blush
He left the priest the good book the bread and cup
And took with him the voices hanging in the silver space
Not till he’d reached the vineyard rim did he […]

All Writ Down

I fully understood
That you’d leave when your ship come by
And l fully understood
You had a purpose more high
Than to give a little schoolboy
To give a little schoolboy his first love

But oh did I cry
And did I cry
For I thought that those days
Would just fade and die
But every cell in my body has it all […]

Alice Is A Long Time Gone

White rabbit smile, white rabbit smile
cry not so loud my lover frowns
I’m a grown up lady from London town
Yet ever more he sang his sad song-
sweet Alice is a long time gone

Oh Alice is gone, gone
Alice is gone, gone
sweet Alice is a long time gone

she was pretty, oh yes
with her flaxen hair, her eyes […]


Breathing, all creatures are
Brighter then than brightest star
You are by far
You come right inside of me
Close as you can be
You kiss my blood
And my blood kiss me.

Adam And Eve

once before the world began
God was sitting in the sky
he began to get some mud together
o I wonder why

first he made a man
and then he made a woman
mr. Adam and miss Eve
they began to be quite good friends
as I can well believe

o remember that morning
remember that time
take a warning
when you see the sign

Eve […]

A Very Cellular Song

Winter was cold and the clothing was thin
But the gentle shepherd calls the tune
Oh dear mother what shall I do
First please your eyes and then your ears Jenny
Exchanging love tokens say goodnight

Lay down my dear sister
Won’t you lay and take your rest
Won’t you lay your head upon your saviours breast
And I love you […]