The Ocean


The Message

Well, I’m tellin’ you All the things you would do
You know, they brought me down
I felt you slipping away And the look on your face
Never really made it

Now, I don’t wanna talk to you
I just want you to get lost
Gotta get the message through
Straight to you
Gotta get the message through
Well, It’s overdue

Now, the games […]

The Hourglass

Standing alone by the edge of a river
He’s traded his life for a glass full of tears
The bargain was quick for one’s life is less dearer
When the sand’s running out and the ending is near

The ending is near
The ending is near
The ending is…
The man climbed aboard and set sail for the ocean
He put on […]

The Edge Of Midnight

Can’t bite the hand that feeds ya
Cause you’re a woman of needs, don’t bite, no, don’t bite
Been robbed of your freedom, break the chains and be free
Life’s not worth living when you can’t have what you want

Beware the edge of midnight
Telling you your dreams
Don’t touch the doors of daylight
Cause you will never be free
Never […]

The Dungeons Are Calling

Down in the dungeons
Of concrete and terror
Candles light the way
Can you hear me say?
The dungeons are calling
The dungeons are calling for me

I can’t escape
This den must be hell
Pleasures of freedom
Denied me in this cell
I steal from my friends
Victims of my pain
Its nearing the end
I live like the dead

The dungeons are calling
Calling for me–oh!
The dungeons […]

Temptation Revelation


Taunting Cobras

Hey you
She’s gonna get you
If you go walking by
This corner slow
Don’t think she’s gonna let you leave
Just because you want to go

Boy you
Ain’t seen nothing yet
It’s a long train of regret
Puppets get
No second chance
Pull that string
They gotta dance

Parellel addiction is
A double crucifixion
When you’re always out there
Feeding your head
Always channel surfing cause
Your brain it isn’t […]


So would you tell me now
Are life and death a symmetry
Balanced on scales, either side chosen
And could these moments balance out against eternity
Promise inferred, words never spoken

My life is burning
Could you read by the light
Letters I’ve written, never to follow
Poets and madmen all defy reason
Still in my mind I know
I want to live my […]


When in your life did you surrender
Late in the night do you remember

What were the dreams that you betrayed then
Would you go back if you could save them now

Did you believe there was something more
Waiting behind some forgotten door
Or was that all long before

You felt the pressure grow inside your brain
Where every nerve is […]

Summer’s Rain

Standing alone in a dream
Where nothin’ is real
But oh how real it feels
There were times I lost my way
I was alone, lost in a haze
Where are you now?
I’ll find you somehow

And do I stand alone
Like a fool out in the rain?
Hangin’ on somehow
To an ancient vow
Where there’s nothin’ left to gain
And do you know
How […]