The Master Of The Beginning

In the snow chambers of the palace of ice
In the long deserted and frozen dungeon
Beyond the absurd, beyond reality
The callous souls of the suicides knock at the ice ceilings of the dark caves

Chased by the wind
They freeze the rocks
Suffering for ages
They Beg For Forgiveness

In the snow chambers of the palace of ice
In the long […]

The Last Journey

Amdist the black of the night
Awash with the silver winter brath
Amidst the depths of snows
Attired in the icy shroud
You stand under the stars
Gazing into the black eptiness

Hearken! The wind has spoken
One that carries the smell of death
It weaves the stories of countless full moons
Of dead worlds covered with mist of oblivion
It tempts with the […]


Sexual screaming calls the night
The erotic dreams of the night clothe the crawing
Diabolic winds embrace sleeping bodies
Invisible wings of desire
Invisible stony melancholy tormentor of the gods of suns
Tormentor of the gods of suns persecutor
Sometimes I cry to the moon
Sometimes the moon cries with me
Nocturnal orgasm took control of the body
The stone sadness built its […]

Loneliness Amidst My Wrath

Oh, demon,
The demon of silence
Silence whose soundless scream
Kills every echo in itself
Let the black crows fly
Over grey shadows of wolves
Let the tears shine like diamonds
And the night music rock
the hearts into moral sleep

When the comets rift the black abyss of the sky
Let the beast arrive on the teeth of thw wind
To impregnate earthly woman
Who […]

In The Wet Embrace Of Dreams

In the wet embrance of dreams
I saw the leafless trees
As they showed their branches writhing in pain

And the old oak, so tired
The lone witness of the passing time

Grey clouds suspendet over it – so pregnant with wetness

The nighty darkness
Has defeated the drab of the day
All vitality
Has beed stolen by time

In the wet embrance of […]

In The Name Of Blasphemer

Beneath my filthy body burn the eternal fires
Strings of suffering and ecstasy sharpen the sight
I drank the herb of madness with the ruby liquid of revel
While she showed me the wet flower of her open lips
I gave her my prong full of boils, wales and scabs
Like a scorpion’s venom my semen filled her body
With […]

I’ll Come From The Four Sides Of The World

I’ll Come From Four Sides Of The World
Nine moons will show me the way
Nine deer will guide me
I’ll bring nine keys

I’ll sing your dream into a bloody sartoan
I will end up inside your soul
Inside your heart i will build my castle
I’ll fill the lake with blood

I’ll hang two moons, and sit under them on […]

Holy Whores, Burning Virgins

Holy whores and buning virgins
The torn velvet curtain of time
No crystal kingdoms anymore
No roses which set love aglow
with their bloody crimson
Only angry peaks of the mountains of oblivion
And their grim shoulders
Clad in the rays of the scarlet planet
Full of dreams ruffled by heatred
They reach when the suns go quiet
Where the black wolves devour the […]

Fiery Bed

From the bed – clothes of heaven
The stars are shooting like a radiant rain
Invisible dreams on the ownerless world
Crash against the crust of reality
A white angel in my fiery bed
And my restless soul between his legs

Withered flowers and stale wine
Can you feel the smell , the taste?
When the dear tiredness descends upon you
Lie down […]


I do not tread the edge
‘Cause the edge I am
The tormenting blade
Which cuts the peace
and virtue of ladies in white
Their lives now live on my blades
Black feathers and black coaches
Thunders of pioson
and diamond tongues of demons
Which slurp on their virgin purity
Holy whores and burning virgins
I pluck you out of the flames
and bless you