Sinking In Sorrow

I wouldn’t say nothing here
It’s better not to stare
Just try and stay away

I couldn’t see crystal clear
Like love me do or dare
Forbid I go astray

Seen better days
Seen better days
Seen better days

You bitter slithered back
Jump on it

You pushed me so violently that I would fall
You pushed me so violently that I would fall
I’ve seen another […]


The cords of Sheol were round about me

The snares of death came upon me

Sheol is naked before him and Abaddon has no covering


I try to keep it hidden under the sheets
My beloved Spy in the Sky
It shouldn’t hurt to wipe the tears from His cheek
Such a crazy crime to keep you Looking to my Side

You know this segregation’s out of my reach
They keep a hazy view
We must adopt another’s mind

Amazing Grace
Suffocation bottled up inside
Such determined features
Hypnotizing […]

Shark Attack

Did I mention
All the tension
When I walk in stride

The attention
And agression
Raging up inside

Crash against the tide

Of pretension
And there’s nowhere to hide

Like a shark attack
On you and me
Buddy’s got your back
Just wait and see

Is there prevention
In suspension
When I’m toeing the line

The extension
Of my dimensions
Tell in whom to confide

No condemnation
I’m just […]


God is right

Say your prayers if you believe in sect religions
Who put their trust in men and not Yaweh
With tongues they make incisions
The hard-core don’t take the stench away

Understand that who you are when you’re sitting by yourself
Is the you you need to sacrifice and not somebody’s else

Take a walk and try to […]

Secret – Secret

You poison mind and eyes with the consumption of
Some other persons nakedness some other body’s shame

Secret – Secret

Allowing lust to rule your members ruins temples (temples temples)
Self-control thought captivation tames the same

Secret – Secret

So all your downloads eight to five currupt the man
And helps them thrive to run their $13 Billion industry
You take the […]


Alias Swaggert, Baker, Jones?
Yahweh puppets storming the throne?
Telling lies with I’s from high?
I’m the one you can despise

Keep the facist off my back?
I think I’ll have a supremist attack?
Global genocide delete
Yeshua can make your life complete

Pharasitical through and through
What in Hell you gonna do
Tap my insecurity
Then blame it on society

I’d rather die than blame […]

Run If You Can

Walk the walk and youll live on your knees
Compromise and you’ll flirt with disaster
One step forward and the day you can seize
Live the lie and you’re sure to expire

Talk the walk and you’ll die on your knees
Realize you’re in need of a master
Two steps back and you’re sure to repeat the test

Walk the talk […]

Rise Up!

See how the mountains tremble
Shaking their foundations of sand
Hear how the valleys rumble
Echoing the falling of man

See how the water’s churning
Flooding and dorught know no shame
Hear how creation’s moaning
For the sons of Jah to be named

Rise Up! Children of promise
Rise Up! Strong and courageous

See how the mountains tremble
Shaking their foundations of sand
Hear how the […]


Here’s a reason
To plead treason
In the game society

Soft Porn in your advertising
Kiddy’s weaned on sorcety
Abomination infedels
Comepeting on my television
Mediums and divinators
Telling lies to set me free

Believers – Resistance
Believers – Resistance

Overcome the profit makers
proclaiming "greed is need"
They scour the land recruting vessels
Making them ripe from which to feed
Slavery in credit unions
placing trust in RIA’s

Believers […]