Childhood Of A Leader

Snake handler, faith healer
Lawyer, doctor, sword swallower
Child psychologist, amateur pornographer

Sales associate
Six percent commission
Do you have our club membership?
Can I tell you about the benefits?

Photo developing, we see every picture
And rob extras of those of the sexual nature
There’s a shoebox in the back which is storing the duplications
Right adjacent to a pile of blank applications
And […]

The Way Back Machine

Sometimes you can’t avoid the backslide
I’ve been mining through my boyhood fantasies
And finding that some of them still feel good to me
Still fit perfect, working like a charm
Draped around my shoulders, old friends keep me warm
In my parents car
Five full years of screaming with the stereo up
So when i run i just push pedals, […]

Kiss Like You’re Dead

It burned our tongues and stomachs
When we tried to name it
Passing back and forth
The bile that we were tasting
Ground our teeth to powder
Nothing ever changes
Have to find some solace while my fists
Continue swinging

Looking for dead animals
The most perverted, twisted form of flirting
Sorry if I hurt you
Middle of the ice
Striking at the surface
Froze in my […]

Ghost Rider

Grab the bull by the hands and I ?
Stampede down side streets
Concrete can’t contain me
Blast through backyards
Ride atop a light-rail train
Going the wrong way in the light of broad day
Then pedal through the ghetto in the dark
Roll over the threshold of the million-dollar home in Roland Park
I bunny-hop into a hot tub
My clothes all off […]

The Strong Suit

Feels like someone dropped my eyes
In a cradle of needles
Like you’d drop ice cubs in a bar glass
I stare out from behind my eight a.m. sting
Through the passenger side of this rented van’s dash
I am a boy, who snuck in his father’s closet
Put on a suit, and got hired for his father’s job
And before […]

Take Pills

Eventually I’ll have to take them
On my break if I don’t shake less
Empty hands, the fire’s left
They can’t quite fight with their old strength
I’m so tired
I’m torn up
It’s over now
You can make me normal

Your eyes are broken
You must lose them
Take the pills
Kill the delusions
You can’t see it’s adequate
So swallow while you can be […]

My Head

I got in the car
And turned the volume to ten
I tried to scream along
The words to something big
But my lungs couldn’t handle it
My chest was strained
And my face was red
But the albums make it sound so easy
Put your mouth to microphone
And the pressure gets released
But it never sounds the same
When you’re the one […]

Good Morning, Universe

I can feel their branches like fingers
Flashing nimble signs of silent criticism
Dryly criticizing my entire inner workings, wet and dirty
Earthworms and insects
On missions of reconnaisance are welcome inhabitants

And every now and then I feel one exit
How many go unnoticed? How many interspecies languages have they decoded?
These trees are all so old, I really don’t […]

Stillnaut Rjyan

Spaceship is on fire
Snake in your spacesuit
Ground control has all gone home
They said they can replace you

This shuttle is a piece of shit
Like half the buttons work
And all the lights and indicators
Just plain indecipherable
I suspect they laugh at this tin coffin
Even as they feign applause
When pushing me towards the horizon
Find a new star, stillnaut […]

The Marriage

The night before we had discussed it extensively over the phone
That was where me and melanie kept our relationship safe
Revelations took place during commercial breaks
And we’d say we were running away and settling
In the theatre where they shot david letterman
Our only hope for some understanding
He’d take care of us, ??? parents
But the marriage itself
It was […]