Charlie X

We picked him up in universe
from another starship around
He had crashlanded on a planet out here
and fourteen years later he was found

From the very beginning he acted very strange
but okay, he’d been alone for a while
And maybe that also was the reason why
he really behaved like a […]

Black Hole

Our latest tour was now fulfilled
a few got hurt but nobody got killed
Now we’re heading home again
everybody’s happy, but then…

Enterprise didn’t react correct
had something broke, was anything defect?
Seconds later we had lost control
was this the end, our final patrol?

We all got worried, we got surprised
close […]

Beam Me Up

After a mission we’d been flying around
We saw this planet and we went down to the ground
Where and when could we be? – Nobody was sure,
but I had this feeling that I’d been here before
Beam me up
there’s no intelligent life
down here where I am
The planet was blue […]

Astrogirl Strikes Back

Sitting in her dressing room
with tears in her eyes
Realizing that the pretty words
were nothing but devious lies
It’s impossible to stay
packs her things and runs away
They want her, they need her
but they’ve got to pay
She’s back
She’s back with a vengeance
She’s back for retaliation
She’s back […]

Astrogirl’s Dilemma

She’s been working for a long, long time
she wants to get away but she doesn’t earn enough
nobody’s tipping her that much

When she works she fakes it all
but underneath her skin she’s got a longing heart
which is hoping for a new start
She’s in love again
but she wouldn’t know […]


She was a beauty queen with the future in her hand,
full of dreams and a ticket to wonderland
Young and innocent, ready for action,
trying everything for some satisfaction
She fell deeper and deeper without success,
met the wrong guys and got stuck in a mess
So now she works at a sleazy […]

Android’s Dilemma

Just the other day my
emotional chip was delivered to me

The time was right to explore
a human mystery

I went to a bar, found a nice little piece
her voice was soft she said, "How do you like these?"

Before I knew what to say
she started to act in a very […]

All The Children Shall Lead

I’m sitting in my quarters aboard the ship
thinking about this very special trip
400 people, destiny: our closest star
mankind has never ever been that far
Soon comes the future, then we will die
All the children shall lead
We’ll never see the world that lies ahead
long before we get there all […]

All E.T:S Aren’t Nice

Magazines and movie screens are showing us
aliens who are visiting earth, they are cute and nice
It’s all a thing to make us feel superior
Hiding the truth about monsters who will conquer us
Face the fact, beware of an attack,
all E.T:s aren’t nice
They might be here any night so get […]

All Alone

We were sent on a mission to infiltrate Omicron III
We solved the problem of recognition by plastic surgery
So you might understand the big surprise the other day
All of my friends had left the place – now I have to stay!
Take me home, I’m on my own, all alone
Full of […]