Adele war bis vor an Jahr
Als Frau ein wenig unscheinbar
Sehr gut gebaut und kerngesund
Wußte sie nicht so recht den Grund

Auf einmal dachte sie: "Aha!"
Man braucht nicht nur den Wonderbra
Die Pamela, die Claudia
Sind beide blond, i trau´ mi a
Bevor ich auf ein Wunder hoff´
Versuch´ ich es mit Wasserstoff

Sie wollte blond wie eine Semmel sein
Blond, blonder […]

Alles Was Du Willst

Alles, was er redet, hat Gewicht.
Alles, was er meint, verstehst du nicht.
Alles, was er will, ist schon geplant.
Alles, was dich hält, ist dein Verstand.
Seine Liebe, die ist immer gleich,
ist dein Kerker, ist dein Himmelreich.
Alles, was du hast, verdankst du ihm.
Alles, was dich quält, ist halb so schlimm.
Alles, was du denkst, ist schon gedacht.
Alles, was […]

Viva Anger, Viva Hate

and so, gradually, i’m trying
do you know how hard?
to integrate the past with now.
i don’t believe in fate.
there’s no forgiveness,
there must be something more.

i’m convinced,
regardless of all the times
they said that i should forget everything.

now i’m not so sure that i can do anything.

this […]


god damn it,
i’m not talking about my heart
like it’s something you could break.

there’s no convincing you
i’m not sick.

when i say "heart",
nothing comes to mind.
drug stores make me feel good.
think of silver around my wrist,
i’m not well.
your chest is a cage for my letters,
and […]

Thought I Was

I’m not the way
I thought I was
It was starting to feel like the worst of times
I’ve got to choose sides

Am I wicked?
Am I right?
Or am I just reacting all the time?

I’m not the way
I thought i was.

I was starting to see all the worst in life
I’ve got to lose sight
Of their […]

There Will Be No Night

If we put things right,
then we’ll sleep tonight.
If we can’t put things right,
then there will be no sleep tonight.

Glistening night-time,
there will be no time.
Stay with my tonight,
there will be no night.

And if daylight breaks, we’ll fix it
conscious of the wound.
Unashamed and glistening,
and understood […]

The Seven Sisters

i want to see your goodness around me
but it’s got the properties of water – transparent as glass
your goodness is coiled like a fist,
holed up in the back of the attic,
crouched like a cat
you said i look like a stone sinking

but i am a constellation cut out in the sky
and if […]

The Reason The Night Is Long

oh the reason the night is long
is very simple.
oh i miss you when i’m at work.
oh and i miss you when we fight, and you leave.
honey, i confess, i stole your heart.
and honey, i confess that it was criminal.
but i’ve been captured, i’m paralyzed.
and i’ve been disarmed […]

The Imperatives

when we can’t begin
unless it’s with an argument
we’re losing out on
love for the sake of it

I was thinking we can go and live
in a monastery
throw away the imperatives
make our pockets empty

‘cuz I’m feeling bankrupt
and I’m losing speed
and I don’t wanna hold on
to anything

when I misbehaved
to get what I wanted
was that wrong when what I […]

The Double Life

save me some time
just pick me up
on A and 9th

save me some time
the streets are slow
can we go
for a ride?

you want me completely
and I’m ready
and so I began
the double life
I began the double life

save me some time
just take me out
on A and 9th

save me some time
I always wanted to wake up
on the […]